Start planting a vegetable garden to discover that the lovely birds that visit you can become a problem. How to stop them when worms crawl through the roots making the soil healthier, luring these no longer feathered friends? The beds look like a minefield after an explosion. After some reading, I concluded the birds needed an enemy. My surveillance wasn’t effective, you need persistence 24/7, my cats were too busy between naps, I started thinking like a general at war, I wasn’t happy about it. More reading & YouTube video watching, I made the right decision. I know it’s temporary, there is no perpetual truce, but for now it is working. Of course, there are always truce breakers, I respect those who have the guts to fool me. After all, I know I am temporarily fooling them.

Armando Anthony Corea

I live in a box. Daily I allow other boxes to touch mine. Most of them are totally useless. In spite of that, I let them be in my life. It’s called routine, what’s inside my box can barely be altered by all the crap coming from that persistent set of boxes. They choose and speak out about everything, they influence you, they want to change what you keep in your box. I know they won’t ever be able to do it. What I keep in my box is too precious to be touched. It’s no surprise that there are worlds that won’t ever collide. Or is it? Boxes are bubbles now. And they are getting smaller every day.

Netting for security

We need security. We desperately look for it, we plan, sometimes life plays with us. Shows us our insignificance. Like ourselves, plants need to be protected from their natural enemies. From the sky, some of them ravage with no mercy. My poor little plants need some help, no more free breakfast from now on. As in life nets aren’t real definite protection. They are an attempt, strong evidence that you want to survive.

Gust of Wind

Strong winds, heavy rain, first serious test for the garden and the small plants. Broken branches, the small leaves from the jacaranda trees are everywhere. Surprisingly, the plants seem to thrive and enjoy the rainwater. Too much rain to go out, cleaning the mess, starting the new beds will have to wait; it’s the right time to go on with my germination plan.


Garden work

Very early start of the day, school started for my son, I drove him to and fro, then it was time to go to the office. The plants were safe from the cold by the cardboard cover, but they definitely deserve something better. Bought a frost blanket, I guess today they will be ready to face the freezing temperatures. I had fun in the cold, doing so many little things, life became so different yet so pleasing. My work in the garden is always assisted by my two cats, ready to help at any task. Sometimes we don’t agree in the modus operandi. Feels great when I sit in front of the computer to write these silly words.


I guess I’ve done it on time. If I had waited one more day, frozen vegetables 🥶 … Now I’ll have to do it again and again, it’s been very low temperatures. The plan includes a daily trip into the sun for my babies that I keep in the garage. Before dark, they come back into the shelter, the no-dig beds are protected with cardboard. My cats follow me everywhere in the garden, they especially love the new no-dig beds. The tiny plants face death when they maraud the space. My cats are always eager to help me, I’m trying to tell them that the beds are no-dig, they think otherwise.