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The greenhouse

I don’t have a greenhouse! I keep the small plants and seedlings inside my house. They could be in the garage, but I find it too cold. The house provides the light and temperature for them to survive, soon the right time will arrive. The seedlings will soon germinate – I hope.

Heavy showers

I have been away from the computer for so long, so much to do in the garden and it’s January. The rain is so strong, I know it is welcome in the garden. Today and particularly now, going out would be a cold shower. Free from the frost, surviving winter, the spring is closer.

Garden work

Very early start of the day, school started for my son, I drove him to and fro, then it was time to go to the office. The plants were safe from the cold by the cardboard cover, but they definitely deserve something better. Bought a frost blanket, I guess today they will be ready to … Continue reading Garden work


I guess I’ve done it on time. If I had waited one more day, frozen vegetables 🥶 … Now I’ll have to do it again and again, it’s been very low temperatures. The plan includes a daily trip into the sun for my babies that I keep in the garage. Before dark, they come back … Continue reading Uncertainty

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